I get asked these, all the time, frequently. That’s why they’re called frequently asked quiches.

Er, don’t you mean ‘Questions?’

I like quiches.

What’s that funny logo thing?

It’s a chimera.

What’s a chimera?

A chimera is a mythical hybrid creature. Often somewhat dragon-like, it is composed of parts of usually three animals. In this instance lion, goat, and snake.


I think it’s cool. Also it looks cool.

Who are you?

Hmm, you could try asking Locke. Or Aristotle. Perhaps the Buddha. They might point you in the right direction. (I know they’re dead … ask them in a figurative sense).

Ohhhh … you mean who are you? You really need to be more precise with word usage. Perhaps a style guide would help.

Sure, I can do that: ‘Hi, I’m S. D. Parsons.’

Do you know what you’re talking about?

If you mean am I aware of what I’m saying. Most of the time.

If you’re asking the deeper question about my qualification to talk about what I talk about, And perhaps also, now that you’re thinking about it, the question of whether you should listen to anything I say? Then, er, I’m afraid … no, possibly not.

Probably not, actually.